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Dear Friends,

The world is facing a global humanitarian crisis with UNHCR estimating that 50 million people are displaced from their homes worldwide.  

Facts and Stats

In the face of the growing conflict in Syria the Australian Government has announced it will settle permanently an additional 12,000 people from Syria and Iraq.  This has left many of us in the Australian community asking, what can we do to help?  

What are SCOA members doing? 
SCOA members provide direct settlement services to people of refugee backgrounds to support them in their transition into Australian communities.  This will include the additional 12,000 people.

What are settlement services? 

What can you do? 
Settlement service providers across the country have programs you can help to support through volunteering and donations to directly support newly arrived people from refugee backgrounds.   

To contact a settlement service provider in your area and find out what you can do visit: SCOA’s member page here.

For further information:
The Department of Social Services (DSS) has developed a webpage with information on the Syrian/Iraqi humanitarian crisis and how SCOA members as settlement service providers support these newly arrived to settle in Australia.

The Department of of Immigration and Border Protection has produced a FACT SHEET - Australia's Response to the Syrian and Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis.

Settlement Council of Australia

Welcome to the Settlement Council of Australia

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) is the national peak body representing migrant and refugee settlement agencies across Australia. SCOA operates as a network of settlement service providers. Our aim is to bring settlement service providers together at a national level in order to create cohesion amongst our members, and improve collaborative and strategic planning processes for the settlement sector.

On this website you will find a wealth of resources developed by SCOA and those in the settlement sector. Search for opportunites which individuals and organisations can be involved in, seek out submissions and discussion papers developed by SCOA, and find events in your region. All policy papers developed by SCOA can be found on this site, along with current and archived editions of the Settlement News- SCOA's bi-monthly newsletter. On the links page, you will find links through to many varied resources within the settlement sector.



Triennial International Conference of the Settlement Council of Australia






National Anti-Racism Strategy and the Racism. It Stops With Me Campaign

SCOA is pleased to be supporting the Racism.ItStopsWithMe campaign.

An initiative of the National Anti-Racism Strategy that aims to empower individuals & organisations to prevent & respond effectively to racism in Australia. Follow on Twitter @ItStopsWithMe or click the logo below to visit the official website.


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